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You found it. The Downtown Kelowna website promotes all things Downtown, with a wide range of resources that help visitors discover your business. The business directory helps visitors find you easily. The What To Do section lists all upcoming Downtown events and ongoing programs, things to do and places to see. While the Prospectus Map showcases the many developments in Downtown Kelowna.

If you're looking to give your business a marketing edge, this website is a great place to start, by listing it with the who's who and what's what of Downtown Kelowna. Get your business listed for free in our business directory and guides by completing the Membership Form.

Eye on Downtown Kelowna

Eye On Downtown Kelowna gives quick regular video re-caps on everything you need to know about what's happening Downtown. Get updates on upcoming events, new businesses and programs that can enhance your business activities. Delivered in a casual news or interview style by Ryan Watters, Eye On Downtown Kelowna is the best way to stay current with what's happening.

Need a YouTube presence for your business? Contact Ryan at 250.862.3515 or email for a free video production. Did we mention that Ryan is kind of a big deal? We hear he's famous in Japan.

Eye On Downtown Kelowna Videos

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Social media is a big part of how we keep people engaged with events and news. Whether it's our Facebook page or our Twitter feed that has people talking and hashtagging, there is always lots to share, like and comment on. Also, visit us on Instagram to see Downtown come to life in pictures.

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The Essential Downtown Kelowna Guide

First: the Facts. There are hundreds of places to shop, sit and grab a coffee. You can do your banking, talk to a lawyer or hug an accountant. Take in a play. Write one. Longboard in your bikini (seriously, it happens). You can ponder what is or isn't art at a gallery, find that perfect geode, get a haircut and do hot yoga (not all at once, not yet anyway).

To get you started, we compiled a long list of essential Downtown Kelowna shopping, dining and entertainment. We broke it into nice categories (or "mini-essentials") so it's not so overwhelming to look at. So get out there and find a favourite spot. Or a new favourite spot. We get 2000 hours of sunshine a year. The end.

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