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Do you take Debit/Credit?

Yes. We're testing out a handy-dandy new Square Reader, but CASH is preferred and always accepted.

I don't like/can't drink alcohol. Will there be anything else to drink?

Yes, course, we always keep in mind our guests who can not/do not want to partake in an alcoholic beverage. There will always be an alternative available to you.

Can I purchase more than 2 drink tickets?

No. Your $10 admission provides you with two (2) complimentary drink tickets for the evening. The tickets themselves are not for sale.

I am a Vegan/Vegetarian, will there be something for me?

While we do advise the host to plan for it, we can not guarantee there will be a dietary option that meets the needs of every attendee. Please contact the current host for more details in regards to the evenings menu.

Can I host an After 5?

You sure can! Check out our hosting guidelines for more information.