There are over 30 parking lots and 3 parkades in Downtown Kelowna and you can find them on the Parking Information webpage, or check out Parkopedia. That's over 3,000 parking stalls so there'll be a spot with your name written all over it. Unless you drive a lot of cars all at once. Like a 100 or something. Which would be weird and impressive at the same.

Off-Street Parking
On-Street Parking


On-street Parking$1.25 per hour
Short-term Lots$1.25 per hour
Long-term Lots$1.00 per hour
$6.00 per day
$7.00 per event*
Monthly Permits$78.08 per month
Reserved Parking$117.62 per month

Call 250.862.8585 to confirm monthly parking rates. Rates may change without notice.

* Signage will be displayed near lot entrance on days when event parking is in effect.

Time Limits


Parkade rates apply from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. There is no-charge parking after hours, weekends and holidays (except during Special Events - Signs will be displayed near the entrance when event parking is in effect).

Off-Street parking lots

Pay parking is generally in effect from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. There is no-charge for parking in the evening, or on weekends and holidays (except during Special Events).


  • Short Term off-street lots offer hourly parking only and may be subject to a time limit.
  • Long Term off-street lots offer hourly, daily and monthly parking.

On-Street Parking

Pay Parking is in effect from 9am to 5pm. There is no-charge for on-street parking after 5pm or Sundays and holidays.

  • 30-minute, one-hour and two-hour time limits are in effect at various locations. You will be subject to an Overtime Parking offence notice if you exceed any posted time limit.
  • Time limits in pay parking areas double on Saturdays.
  • For longer term parking, park in a parkade or off-street lot.
  • Parking is not permitted on any downtown street between the hours of 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. to allow for street cleaning and snow removal.

Event Parking

Lot/FacilityEvent RateHours
Library Parkade$5See event details here
Memorial Parkade$3See event details here
Chapman Parkade$5See event details here
Waterfront Park Lot$7See event details here
Cawston & St Paul Lot$7See event details here
Police Services Lot$1 / hrWeekdays 15:00-23:00
Weekends 06:00-23:00
Water Street Boat Launch$1.25 / hr24 Hours / 7 days a week
City Hall Parking Lot$1 / hrWeekdays 16:00-23:00
Weekends 06:00-23:00
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Pay Parking has never been easier

  1. Download the PayByPhone app
    Download the app now from the Blackberry, Google Play and iOS App Store
  2. Enter your location code
    Add the time duration you wish to park for. Check the details the confirm your selection.
  3. Extend your parking anytime*
    Add more time from wherever you are. Simply open the app and add time to your current parking meter.

Is there free parking Downtown?

Yes there is free parking in select parking lots and all three parkades after 6pm and all on-street parking after 5pm.

There is free parking also on Sundays and statutory holidays (except during Special Events).

The City of Kelowna also allows free parking during certain Downtown Kelowna events:

  • All Saturdays in December

Are there accessible parking spots Downtown?

Yes. There are a number of accessible parking spots in each parkade, select off-street parking and on-street parking.

Click here for more information on the Accessible parking permit program.

Can I charge my electric vehicle Downtown?

Yes you certainly can! There a number of charging ports in Downtown Kelowna.

You can check out this handy map for reference.

Are there eco-incentives for electric cars?

The City of Kelowna offers an Eco-Pass program to help incentivize electric-hybrid vehicles.

To find out more information about this program, click here for more details.

I work Downtown, where should I park?

We encourage all those that work in Downtown Kelowna to use either one of the parkades or the closest parking lot to your business. Consult our map to find the closest one to you!

It is not suggested to park on the street in front of your business as they are only a 2 hour limit and feeding the meter is a ticketable offence and may result in getting your car towed.