2020 Program Year

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Terms & Conditions

1. Applications for the Downtown Kelowna Event Sponsorship Program must be fully completed and submitted using the Downtown Kelowna Association (DKA) application form. The DKA may refuse or delay incomplete or partially completed application forms. Submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

2. If funds provided are not used in its entirety for the community event indicated by the application, the organization must return the funds to the DKA to the attention of the Operations Manager.

3. If there is a change to the event indicated on the application for which sponsorship funds have been provided, email notification must be communicated to the Operations Manager of the DKA prior to the change.

4. The event may not be represented as an event of the DKA nor may the organization hold itself out as an agent of the DKA.

5. The DKA will adjudicate all applications on a case-by-case basis. The DKA will provide sponsorship to a maximum of $2,500 CAD. Note: Applications are on a first come, first served basis, with priority for funding for newly established events. Sponsorship allocation continues until the annual budget has been spent or the program year has ended. Once the Downtown Kelowna Event Sponsorship Program budget for that calendar year has been allocated, applications will no longer be accepted or approved.

6. The DKA official logo will be used to recognize the contributions of the DKA. Use of the DKA logo must be approved prior to publishing.

7. The DKA reserves the right to use any information related to the organization in its promotion and advertising. The use of information will be at the discretion of the DKA and may be done without notice.

8. All Sponsorships shall be considered as one-time awards.

9. Limit of one (1) successful application per applicant per calendar year.