Entrepreneurs’ Organization Okanagan Presents Ron Lovett


October 16, 2019


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Innovation Centre

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Okanagan Presents Ron Lovett

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The Innovation Centre
460 Doyle Ave.
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Steve Harvey

About The Event:

If you are a qualifying* entrepreneur, join us October 16th for an exclusive “Test Drive”. Learn more about EO; the world’s most influential by-invitation network of entrepreneurs. Meet current members, and hear how EO gas impacted their business and personal growth.

* To qualify as an EO candidate, the nominee must be owner or founder of their company, have annual business revenues over US$1m & be accepted by the EO Board.

About The Session:


Unorthodox and highly effective HR tips and tools to get ultimate alignment within your organization. Ron's talk calls into question the way we hire, train and coach staff in any industry. Ron’s company recently launched a video campaign to hire a new sales associate that got 2000 views within 48hrs and told applicants not to send a resumé, but to embark on a series of challenges resembling the job requirements, resulting in an ROI for the company from the interview process!

The story of Source Security inspired Ron’s book, Outrageous Empowerment, and the direction for his new companies, which always focus on reinventing processes every step of the way and unleashing human potential. Leadership and strategy. How to recreate your business to better serve your industry. Treat your customers like you'd like to be treated. Go back to the drawing board for fresh solutions.