Halloween Flash Day!


October 26, 2019


10:00 am - 12:00 am


Tradesman Tattoo Company

Halloween Flash Day!

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Tradesman Tattoo Company
102-1630 Pandosy
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Tradesman Tattoo Company
P.(250) 868-8818

Tradesman Tattoo Company is having a HALLOWEEN FLASH DAY on Saturday, October 26th! Come celebrate Halloween by getting a spooky tattoo! We'll have $80 flash tattoos, free treats, beverages, and giveaways! Doors open at 10am, and it is first come, first serve.

Our BOGO 50% off ALL piercings & dermals will be valid as well! Piercings must be on one person, and cannot be split between two people.



1. What is a "flash" day?
It is a one-day event where a tattoo studio will have a large variety of flash pieces (pre-drawn pieces that cannot be altered) available for a pre-determined price. Appointments are not booked; it is a walk-in event that is typically cash only. Each flash piece will only be tattooed one time, so once a piece has been taken, it is no longer available!

2. What are your flash prices?
$80 for the majority of the pieces, but we will have some bigger pieces priced higher!

3. Can I bring my own drawing(s)?
Unfortunately, no. Flash pieces are pre-drawn and cannot be changed. However, we'd love to book you in for an actual appointment for a custom piece! Feel free to pop into the studio on flash day and book a rad tattoo with us!

4. What are the hours of your flash day?
10am - late